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About Our Business

    “Do you think that you can develop some software that we will
actually like and use?”  Those were my father’s words to me when I
came back to join our family auto glass business after developing
software for 10 years.  He said that he had looked at every package out
there for the auto glass business.  The packages usually fell into one of
three categories:

     1.   It was too difficult to do a task that should be easy to do.

     2.   It did not perform to the level we were expecting.

     3.   The support was poor for software that was too expensive.

We have four auto glass stores in Central Illinois and needed a package
to handle our business flow from the point of sale all the way to
collecting our receivables and producing our sales reports.  We
developed it, had five reps constantly pounding on it, and out of that trial
and error, a great software product evolved.  The other companies that
are using our product feel the same way as well.  If you are interested in
getting a demo, please contact us.    

                                        Glass Logic, Inc.

                       “Software for the auto glass business…”